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The soft strap is made of high-strength polyester thread. 

It is used to strap bales of fiber, paper, cardboard, etc., specially packaged for compacting presses. 

The material bound in this way can be stored and transported in absolute safety., 

  • Strong and tenacious like the iron one, but cheaper and less sharp
  •  The alternative to steel strapping
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents
  • easy to use and economical


Soft strap 13 mm.

    Roll dimensions mm. D.e. 200 hole 60 h.140
    Breaking load 375 kg.
    Strap length  5oo Mt.


  • N.1 PIECE   Euro 35.00
    N.8 PIECES 15% discount
    N.16 PIECES 20% discount

    Quantity discount on requestHERE

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