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The manual baling press reduces the volume of loose compactable materials (cardboard, plastic, leather, rags, hay, etc.), obtaining bales or compact groupings that facilitate the subsequent transport, storage, disposal or possible recovery of these materials.

The zero environmental impact PM1 press does not consume and does not use any energy source except the human one.
It can be used by anyone thanks to its ease of use.
The small size and rear wheels allow the press to be positioned in any environment.
It is the economic and practical solution to tidy up the places where plastic, cardboard, twigs etc. are collected.
Ideal for everyone from small communities, condominiums, hospitals, schools, banks, shops and offices, to companies and shopping centers.
The bales produced allow a quick and orderly stacking.


Manual press - press straw hay leaves

€1,250.00 Regular Price
€1,000.00Sale Price
  • TECHNICAL FEATURES Moving table dimensions (bale) 400 x 300 mm. Maximum plate stroke 300 mm. Compacted bale height 550mm. Main overall dimensions Width x Depth x Height 500 x 800 x 1200mm Equipment weight kg.60 Manual binding Nanual compaction Manual bale unloading

    Movable via optional rear wheels.


    Euro 40.00

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