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Recover and Recycle (packaging recycling)

Vertical Press System

Compactors for waste

With this system, waste is separated and compacted directly by those who produce it, making recovery economic and sustainable for the reuse of materials in the production cycle.

For companies and commercial activities:

  • Ease of use

  • Possibility of compacting different types of material

  • Packaging requires limited space

  • Order and cleanliness in the workplace

  • The resulting bales are easily stored

  • Compacted material reduces the risk of fire

  • Waste tax reduction

For recuperators:

  • Offer an economically advantageous service and waste management

  • Optimize waste separation

  • Decrease the number of transports

Recycling is the only possible solution to save the resources available on our planet, avoiding filling holes with garbage and polluting the earth.

Separating the type of waste produced leads to a higher quality and value of the recovered material.

Compacting at the source, where the waste is produced, means avoiding the transport of very bulky materials, but with little weight, with significant savings on travel costs, avoiding increases in traffic and pollution.

Being able to store the bales in a suitable area could avoid the rental of the container.



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