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The user assumes all responsibility related to the use of the website.

Access to this website by visitors is subject to the following conditions, which by entering they declare that they understand and accept.

The information, places, graphic elements, images and anything else published and/or reproduced on this site must not be used, copied or distributed without the authorization of Pini srl. Any reference to products, services or offers indicated by trade name, registered trademark, as a manufacturer or otherwise does not necessarily mean or imply that they are approved or suggested by Pini srl. Names, trademarks and product or company names used on this site belong to their legitimate owners.

Some images were found via search engines and it was not possible to ascertain their origin: if they were protected by Copyright, simply contact Pini srl and they will be promptly removed or their paternity will be indicated.

Pini srl does not guarantee the constant updating of the information contained in this site, even following changes made to its products.

Pini srl cannot be held responsible for any damage, including computer virus infections, that visitors' equipment may suffer as a result of accessing this site or downloading its content. It is the visitor's responsibility to take every necessary precaution to ensure that whatever he decides to take and use is free of destructive elements such as viruses.

The links on this site may direct visitors' searches to web pages on sites other than this one. In this case, Pini srl assumes no responsibility in relation to both the content of what is published on such sites and the use that third parties may make of them, and with regard to any damage caused during access to such sites, the interconnection with them or downloading their content.

The website may occasionally be partially or totally unavailable due to mechanical, telecommunications, software, hardware malfunctions and due to third party suppliers of goods or services. Pini srl is not able to predict or control the moment in which these stop times occur and is not able to regulate their duration. Pini srl is therefore not responsible for any damage or any other loss resulting from such unavailability of the website.

The legislation in force in the territory of the Italian Republic applies to this site.

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