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The experience gained for over 30 years in the ecology equipment sector, with the production of roll-off containers, bins, compactors and vertical presses and the repair of various types of equipment used for recovery, loaders, cranes, shredders, etc. . allows us to offer an accurate and attentive service to meet customer needs.

In recent years our company has specialized in the construction of vertical hydraulic presses for the recovery of compactible materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, etc.

The activity, which takes place on an area of approximately 3,000 m2. of which 1,700 are covered, is:

Divided sector by sector between:

  • carpentry;

  • mechanical processing

  • the assembly


From the collaboration of qualified personnel depending on the task performed and in compliance with all legal obligations.

From equipment capable of carrying out the main processes.

Our office, adequately equipped with appropriate IT solutions, is at your complete disposal for consultancy, estimates and any clarification you need.

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